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Retail and Restaurant Layout Services

Before starting on your layout, we will provide initial consultation for your equipment needs and conduct programming study for the best design solutions to fulfill your requirements.

  • We recognize the significance of ensuring your layout is code complaint, plan check friendly, efficient and operable to support the business.
  • Having a good layout will help you get through the permit processing stage faster and smoother.
  • We will help to ensure you have the right equipments to open your doors.
  • A professionally drafted layout will help you obtain a more accurate construction estimate.
  • We understand the importance of maximizing the dining room square footage in order to help you fit in more tables and customers.


  • Based on existing conditions, we will design (for empty space), redesign (for existing restaurant) or re-arrange (for turn-key restaurants ) the existing floor plan to accommodate your operational needs.
  • Based on your menu and business concept, we will help you layout the kitchen floor plan with all required equipments to meet health department codes, and proper clearances for building and ADA codes.
  • We can help add in special equipments per your preference and retrofit your equipment list on to the new proposed floor plan.
  • For franchise businesses, we will arrange or re arrange all required equipments and fit everything onto the new proposed floor plan.
  • We can help with counter layout such as wine bar, yogurt topping counters, service stations and cashier counters.
  • Based on a confirmed kitchen and counter floor plan, we will help you plan the seating arrangements, hostess stations, waiting area, and other features in the dining room to meet ADA codes.
  • Based on programming studies, we will designate proper locations for the restrooms that are space saving and are easily accessible.
  • There are new requirements updated in 2010 for ADA restrooms. We will help you design restrooms that are fully compliant to help avoid lawsuits and ensure a problem free plan check.

When do you need this service?

This is the first step of drafting permit plans. It is important to start the project off with a properly designed layout and not to submit plans to the city based on a problematic floor plan. It would be much more difficult to revise the permit drawings if all are based on a layout that is not code compliant.

There are:

1. Fire codes that govern:a. Minimum number of exits. Maximum travel distance to each exit. Maximum length of corridors. Seating capacity

2. Building codes that govern:a. Minimum width for aisle ways. Minimum door clearance. Restroom size

3. Health codes that govern:a. Minimum number of sinks. Proximity of sinks. Minimum floor space for dry storage

A problematic layout will lead to changing plumbing, electrical and mechanical plans during the permit stage, which will cause unpleasant delays down the road.

Conducting initial assessment of the spaceA professionally designed layout will help you assess the space to see whether it’s worth your investments.Negotiating lease with landlordA professionally designed layout will help you communicate with your landlord to see whether he can help upgrade his shell to better support your operations.Writing a business planA professionally designed layout will help provide solid logistics to complete a business plan whether it’s based on a virtual space or a real space.Estimating construction cost for the kitchenA professionally designed layout will provide a solid background to your contractors for construction estimatesEstimating cost for the equipmentsWith a detailed equipment plan and equipment schedule included in this service, you are able to submit the information to different equipment vendors for complete bids or look for individual internet pricing for the different equipments.Estimating seating capacityLooking for a base plan for permit drawing quotations

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